2019 Here We Come!

Well, it’s a new year and I’ve got to think of ways of supporting the MND Association without gallivanting all over the place!  My paws need a well earned rest.

I’ll help out at some of their events during the year and I’ve decided to find new homes for my teddy bear friends and cuddly toy animals, etc.  It’s the 40th Anniversay of the MND Association on 6th October, so I’d like to try and re-home a minimum of 40 with the proceeds going to the Association.  Some will go on my eBay page and some will come with me to events and fairs, etc.  I have a host of Russ Berrie bears (like me), along with some UK Merrythought Bears and American Vermont Teddy Bears, among others.

I also sell souvenirs from my adventures and any donated items.

I’m also looking at one or two challenges, details to be confirmed at a later date.