2018 Calendars

Hi All

I am currently getting some 2018 Calendars printed with photos of my adventures during 2017 so far.  I have some wall calendars and some desk calendars, which I will sell for £8.00 & £5.00 respectively.  This purely covers the cost of printing with the remainder going to the MND Association.

I have set up an ID on eBay ‘rosiebearsupportingmndassociation’ so anyone who has been following me can purchase one or buy as a Christmas present.  There are ones featuring myself but I do have ones without, see the ebay page for details.

Souvenirs also to be added shortly with 100% going to the MND Association.


Weekend Trip to Burton on Trent – 14th and 15th October

Decided to visit an elderly relative near Burton on Trent but it’s a few more miles towards my BIG adventure total.  Had a catch up then popped in to Lichfield for a bit of shopping and a tasty lunch in the Debenhams cafe.  More nattering then catching up with Strictly Come Dancing and the X-Factor, ending the day booking in to the Old English Inn’s Riverside Hotel for a relaxing night’s sleep.


What a lovely evening’s entertainment 🙂

And a good night’s sleep – they even provided a sachet of hot chocolate, which we enjoyed before retiring for the night.


We decided to visit the Planters at Bretby Garden Centre, having a lovely mooch through the store, followed by a delicious Sunday Lunch in their restaurant.  We also brought back some attractive conifers for the garden pots and a cyclamen to add a touch of colour in the house.

Our weekend trip came to a close and we drove back to Dorset, luckily the motorway was fairly clear but there were long queues after an accident on the other side of the motorway.  As always we received a warm welcome from the dogs on our return.


MND Association #Silence Speaks Campaign – 8 Hours Silence on Saturday, 7th October

Isabel signed up to do an 8 hour silence for the October #Silencespeaks campaign – also decided to go to the local BH Live Sports Centre to have a swim with Jane & Jake haven been given a free day gift pass when they went to the Poole Gung-Ho Event at the end of August.  We had a very nice swim and tried the steam room, finishing off with a coffee and a cake (oops, not quite the right thing to eat after some healthy exercise!).  It’s very hard to manage when you can’t say anything though.  It’s tough managing with a pen and pencil and gesticulations!

Only one or two slight slip ups, I think we need to put sellotape over Isabel’s mouth to stop her completely but at least we raised some sponsorship money – £20 on the day with more promised 🙂