Wednesday: Long Drive to Toronto Via Ottowa

Marco gave us a potted history on how Canada was formed and the political origins of Ottowa together with a short coach tour. We were dropped off by the famous totem landmark and a short walk away was the recommended BeaverTails where we shared a cheese and garlic beaver tail followed by cinnamon and sugar. Both very tasty. 

After our lunch we did some sightseeing. On the grass outside the Parliament Building was a huge yoga class, which seemed rather random! We carried on to the art gallery where there was a rather scary spider!

Tuesday continued: Quebec City Tour

We continued on to Quebec City where Marco our Titan guide gave us some background in the city before picking up Debbie our local guide. The tour was partly on the coach and partly on foot. It was fascinating to learn the history or the city and the British and French origins of the architecture, etc. We then split up to explore in our own time and came across Winston Churchill on our travels! Some of the art was a bit odd though!  Finally we stopped for a croque monsieur and a birthday treat for Isabel of a chocolate fondue and fruit (mmm) before boarding the coach to go back to our last night in Montreal.

Our Canada Adventure Begins in Montreal

Our Titan guide delivered us to the Best Western Ville-Marie, a well located hotel and we settled in to our spacious room. After a good night’s sleep and delicious breakfast we were taken on a guided tour of Montreal, including Mount Royal. Our courier was excellent with a good mix of local knowledge and humour. We left the coach by the Notre Dame Basilica, a lovely local landmark. After a visit there the rains came down and we got soaked walking to the old port and surrounding tourist spots. We decided to try the metro and had an abortive trip to the Olympic park where everything was shut. Doh!. Finally we went in to the underground shops and passageways that link the shops, etc. A welcome relief from the rain. We had a tasty snack, finally emerging in Peel street near the hotel.  My paws ache now though!

Thank You Everyone!

We are pleased to announce we have now raised £2,500 for the MND Association – see  Thank you for all your donations, large and small.  They are all appreciated.

An example of what this will pay for:

a detailed analysis of the DNA of someone with MND to help us better understand the causes of the disease PLUS a ceiling hoist to help someone continue to live in their own home OR

funding laboratory equipment for 50 days’ vital research into finding the causes of MND

A Fun Week in Warwick

This week I have been visiting family with Isabel & Rosemary’s sister Joan. We did have a good chinwag!  Then we stayed with Noel and his family and did some sightseeing, despite the awful weather.  When we had a break in the weather we had an enjoyable visit to Kenilworth Castle – it’s 900 years old you know!  The staff were really friendly – they wanted a selfie – I felt like a superstar!

Getting Ready for our Canada Trip

We all got excited thinking about the Canada trip at the end of the month and decided to try some clothes on, not that I envisage playing hockey over there.  The little ones started malarkeying about and ended up in a fit of the giggles!  Little Ted is never still for long and climbed up to the top of the arbour – she’s a little monkey!  Grandad, however, prefers peace and quiet tending to the flowers.